This Negative Presure Unit (NPU) is manufactured from a HDPE housing  combined with a steel control panel, which gives it lightness and robustness. The NPU is equipped with a high performance motor and incorporates a high efficiency filter (HEPA H13) with a 99.95% efficiency of particle filtration, suitable for asbestos works.

We have designed our NPU for maximum durability and safety and its handling is as simple as possible. It has a speed regulator to adjust the air flow. In addition it incorporates an hour counter and a manometer to control the state of the built-in filters.

The equipment includes: pre-filter, HEPA filter, overpressure shutter, electrical connection hose and a protective cover for transport. All machines are subjected to an electrical and a filtration test before they leave are warehouse.

  • Code: DPM1790
  •  1 Unit
  •  Black and white